Engineered Oak Flooring

Why Engineered Oak Wooden Floors by Elysium Oak LTD

Specialising in producing the highest quality FSC certified wooden flooring at the most competitive prices to be seen in the flooring industry, While featuring luxurious long & wide plank boards with the following qualities:

  • FSC Certified Timber

  • European White Oak

  • Engineered & Designed in London, England

  • Premium Board lengths 1,900mm 

  • Premium Board width 190mm

  • Tailor-made to withstand the conditions of the Middle East region

  • Hardwood wooden Timber for high traffic areas

  • Economically and Environmentally Friendly 

Elysium Oak distinguishes itself by offering a broad range of oak wooden flooring, using engineered wooden floors with oil finishes.


Thanks to our flexible production department and our motivated employees, we can move quickly, setting various parameters to your specific wishes such as plank dimensions, style, finishing and thickness of the top and type of carrier. This ensures that the end result is guaranteed to fulfil all your requirements.

Elysium Oak creates a wooden floor for you based on menu options to fit your budget and expectations.

Character Grade Boards

A mixture of select grade & country grade floor boards providing premium select boards quality consisting of a wonderful blend of grains and natural characteristics mixed with country grade boards providing extra character with light rustic effects showcasing smaller & larger knots providing the perfect balance of natures beauty.

The Board




The Texture

The wood surface can gain an extra dimension if you have the softer summer wood brushed out. This stresses the character of the floor and intensifies the finish.

To lend an extra traditional look to the parquet, we can bandsaw the planks. This effect is applied randomly across the plank.

In addition to the band saw effect, we can also apply an ageing effect to the floor. Alternatively we recommend our 120 sanded finish which provides the perfect balance between sleek & textured.

The Better Floors finishing department oils all the Elysium Oak planks in accordance with your preferences.


You can choose from a series of shades developed by leading Belgium brands such as Ciranova & Rubio Monocoat.


Better Floors has extensive expertise with oil finishes that are exceptionally beautiful, offering the wood a fresh style & or vintage aged look.


Depending on your design needs. 


The Colour - European Oil Finishes

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