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Immerse your floor with art, with parquet flooring designs such as Herringbone, Chevron, Dice Weave, Basket Weave and many more, isn't it time to enjoy the true luxury of wooden flooring providing luxurious designs bespoke made to your feature areas and enjoy a timeless design that is made for the true echelons taste, become not just a proud owner of a beautiful designed floor but a connoisseur of that has been marveled for generations.

Better Floors Versailles

Design Panels Custom made oak hardwood flooring & bespoke surface finish made in our Dubai factory with a unique blend of UV colours and natural oils creating a highly durable floor ideal for any domestic or commercial location. Creative Oak has a brushed and sanded surface texture showing the natural grain and colour tones of the oak surface

Empire 4039

Empire 4011

Empire 4021

Empire 4003

Renaissance 4011

Renaissance 4012

Renaissance 4018

Renaissance 4003

Versailles 4012

Versailles 4043

Versailles 2014

Versailles 4012

Versailles 2004

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