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Better Floors Herringbone is supplied as pre-cut T&G unfinished hardwood pieces -that can be assembled on site in different configurations. Herringbone floors are typically installed piece-by-piece in various configurations, either parallel to the wall or diagonally (as pictured above). Herringbone often looks best with the points running in the longest direction of a room or directed at a focal point. Diagonal installation visually expands the room, but requires more material - add at least 15% extra if you are doing this type of installation. For the best results, the herringbone is installed by glue-down or a combination of nail-down and glue-down. Herringbone pieces have grooves on three sides and one tongue on the long side. It all starts with proper milling, more-so with a herringbone than with any other pattern. If multiple fillet widths do not exactly add up to the fillet length the pattern will be impossible to maintain. Better Floors uses laser-guided precision equipment that are calibrated regularly to maintain consistent dimensions. Tolerance for dimensional deviation is not exceeding .Solid Boards Diementions 70mm in width 460mm in set size in lengths and 15mm in thickness

German Smoked Oak, Stendal 1001 (HerringBone)

Dutch Oak, Red Rum 1001 (HerringBone)

Belgique Antique Sawn, Ciney 8009 (HerringBone)

Belgique Antique Sawn, Arlon 8013 (HerringBone)

Dutch Smoked Oak, Ink black 1996 (HerringBone)

German Smoked Oak, Jessen 1003 (HerringBone)

German Smoked & Sawn Oak, Ulm 2005 (HerringBone)

French Oak, Neon Sky 8611 (HerringBone)

Antique Enfield Wash Open grain 1993 (HerringBone)