Referred to as the "furniture of the floor" by many of our beloved customers, Better Floors brings this wood flooring line to the market with the most smooth and clear visual presentation in the market.  With Aluminium oxide and ceramic protection & iconic custom designed oil finishing, The Elysium Oak Engineering Collection is one of the strongest product lines in the market and at the same time best features the wood colour and grain additionally feature long & wide oak board with set length boards of 75% 1.8 meters long & 25% 900mm long, luxurious widths of 190mm 


The Elysium Oak Specializes in producing thick top veneer engineered wood flooring. While featuring a 4mm top veneer, the The Elysium Oak Engineering Collection still maintains great stability against cupping and warping with the help of the highest grade Russian Birch Plywood. The Elysium Oak brand offers the most re-sanding ware layer, and is one of the most luxurious flooring products in the market.


Cougar Engineered Oak Hardwax Oiled Wooden Floor London Stock 190mm

Cougar Engineered Oak Hardwax Oiled Wooden Floor London Stock 190mm

Extra deep brushing removes more soft grain – displaying a more defined textured pattern. Further hand finishing to distress the boards with filled natural splits in the boarding and finished with natural hardwax oil. The finished design is perfect for modern and traditional spaces

This floor is certified FSC® 100%.


Tumbled London Light oak engineered – hand scraped and contra sawn flooring 190mm

Traditional Grade With A Finish Oiled

A special engineered tumbled oak floor grain sawn – hand scraped – deep patina attained with the use of colour oils and the traditional grade of hard oak enhanced with some open and filled knotting – a full dynamic personality for your wooden floor. A generous 4mm top layer of oak . The multiply construction is suitable for underfloor heating and is FSC 100% certified for peace of mind.


Silver Clamshell Lacquered Oak Wood Flooring

Traditional Grade Lacquered With A White tone with muted beige

Silver clamshell lacquered Click System Oak Wood Flooring is of really high grade of engineered wood floor with hardly any knotting and a harmonious baked bread colour throughout. A complex off white tone that blends well, a lovely muted and neutral beige, this is an excellent soft colour for an overall room tone. You can use with very light but off-white trim for the best result. Soft and stunning this complex beige-white-grey is a perfect colour for an overall room or indeed trim. 


Distressed Thames Haven Oak flooring Smoked Brushed, Limed with sunken knots and filler, some whitened grain – Oiled finish 190mm wide planks

Brushed & White Oiled , Smoked Deep with a Rich Oak with light white grain

True French history for your wooden flooring from one England’s largest traders of hardwood comes this French oak teaming with the character of real engineered wood. Smoked oak, limed grain, brushed, with barnstorming rustic appearance completed with an oiled finish. Long timber planks with up to 25% nested boards.


Irongray Engineered Oak Real wooden Floor London Stock 190mm

Traditional Grade With A Finish Oiled Neutral Gray

This unique real wooden floor has been washed with two contrasting but paired colours to produce a very sophisticated and enduring irongray finish reminiscent of sea scrubbed flotsam. The nuance of the finished timber is  appealing, engaging and eventually relaxing. Plenty of colour variation in this designer floor – Dark and light boards to appreciate.  A wood floor to live with and enjoy.


Ironforge Engineered Oak Real Wood Floor London Stock 190mm

Traditional Grade Oiled With A Open Grain & Ebony Base

Ironforge Oak – Strong Ironforge stain is crafted to highlight the cross sawn oak grain. Tumbled edges with hand finishing across the board accentuates the general distressed and timeworn look.

Not inspired yet?

As you are no doubt aware Better Floors actually manufactures customized Oak timber flooring finishing here in our factory in Dubai Investment Park 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


In addition to this Better Floors can also produce numerous types of designs.  Today the most popular are Versailles tiles, fishbone (chevron) and herringbone design.  We can further customize with many types of top surface finishes.  Such as antique look, distressed appearance, hand-scraped or brushed.  After which the timber can be stained or have a natural wax, oil or lacquer protective top coating.  Therefore, offering you the biggest choice at a direct factory price.


Production time in the Better Floors Dubai factory often varies, depending on what orders we have in hand but it will usually take a maximum of 28 days.

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