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Better Floors Parquet Flooring Designs -  Choose your pattern

Immerse your floor with art, with parquet flooring designs such as Herringbone, Chevron, Dice Weave, Basket Weave and many more, isn't it time to enjoy the true luxury of wooden flooring providing luxurious designs bespoke made to your feature areas and enjoy a timeless design that is made for the true echelons taste, become not just a proud owner of a beautiful designed floor but a connoisseur of what has been marvelled for generations.


The Pattern - Herringbone

The herringbone may be the most classic of all the laying patterns, but currently it is trendier than ever.

A herringbone parquet is made with rectangular boards of the same length. By placing them neatly next to each other at an angle of 90°, with the crosscut side perpendicular to the long side of the next board, they form a pattern that is reminiscent of a herringbone.

Because they look similar, the Chevron pattern is sometimes called the brother of the herringbone. But these laying patterns are not exactly the same! Just like the herringbone, the Chevron is made of small boards of equal length,

but here they have the shape of a parallelogram. The short sides of the boards are placed against each other and hereby form a line.


The Pattern - Chevron

The Better Floors finishing department oils all the Elysium Oak planks in accordance with your preferences.


You can choose from a series of shades developed by leading Belgium brands such as Ciranova & Rubio Monocoat.


Better Floors has extensive expertise with oil finishes that are exceptionally beautiful, offering the wood a fresh style & or vintage aged look.


The Colour - Oil Finishes