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Immerse your floor with art, with parquet flooring designs such as Herringbone, Chevron, Dice Weave, Basket Weave and many more, isn't it time to enjoy the true luxury of wooden flooring providing luxurious designs bespoke made to your feature areas and enjoy a timeless design that is made for the true echelons taste, become not just a proud owner of a beautiful designed floor but a connoisseur of what has been marvelled for generations.

The 90° Herrinbone floor
Herringbone wooden floors are an iconic and versatile format for our parquetry line,


Herringbone wood flooring is made from relatively small rectangular boards of engineered Oak laid in a pattern which resembles the skeleton of a fish - specifically a herring - and from which it derives its name. It is the most popular of the parquet patterns and is now very much on trend in both domestic and commercial areas.

The 45° Chevron floor

The chevron pattern appears in some of the earliest art forms, including on pottery and rock carvings. It is a key element in heraldry, used as an insignia of rank by military worldwide, and is popular in textiles, being most closely associated with the Italian fashion house Missoni.

Chosen for centuries to cover the rooms in villas and elegant country houses.

Combine colours to enhance your wooden parquet -  Choose your colour

Enjoy our colours inspired by nature with over 40 colours blending unique tones & shades, Bespoke made to your design concepts making each parquet flooring design made to your needs & bringing a one of a kind atmosphere. Once you have chosen your patterns & colours meet one of our flooring designers to bring your dreams to life.

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