Solid Wooden
Finishing Mouldings

Solid Wooden Finishing Accessories

Solid wooden skirting, Threshold and Beading accessories are the most durable option to withstand damage from knocks and accidents. The best advantage of solid pine wooden skirting over MDF is that they look great when finished once stained, lacquer or varnish.

Solid woods are also extremely versatile, in that they can be sold in standard lengths or made-to-order, so the cost is really down to what your budget is and you can apply this accordingly.

Softwoods offer more versatility in styles and sizes as they can be machined more easily, and they are easier to sand down and re-finish. This means a solid wood will typically last longer than an MDF skirting, because you can alter or repair it in situ, rather than replace the whole skirting.

Using Better Floors solid accessories we can very easily adapt the finishing accessories to match any and all our natural wooden flooring or even match your existing.

Solid Pine Skirting Boards

Stating height 85mm 

Thickness 10mm

Bespoke Lengths

Solid Pine Threshold Profile

Width 40mm 

Thickness 10mm

Bespoke Lengths

Solid Pine Beading Profile

Height 40mm 

Thickness 10mm

Bespoke Lengths

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