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The benefits of engineered Elysium Oak wood flooring

When you’re interested in white oak hardwood flooring for your residence or commercial setting, you have many choices for colours, textures and finishes.White Oak wood flooring. In this brief primer, we’ll look at the ins and outs of engineered floors and the benefits that engineered White Oak wood flooring may offer over a other options.

What is engineered White Oak wood flooring?

An engineered floor is one in which each board is made up of multiple layers of material, rather than a single piece of solid hardwood. In the case of engineered White Oak wood flooring, each plank has a veneer of White Oak hardwood on top of multiple layers of a backing material that are glued together to form a strong core. While most commercial engineered flooring may use a plywood with only 3-5 layers or fibreboard for backing, Elysium Oak engineered White Oak wood flooring uses Baltic Birch hardwood to create multidirectional plywood which results in a more durable engineered floor also using only formaldehyde free glue in the construction of the baseboard making Elysium Oak a healthy option of engineered wooden flooring.

What is wide plank engineered White Elysium Oak LTD wood flooring?

A wide plank floor from Elysium Oak LTD uses boards that are 190mm wide, and up to 1,900mm 75% and 950mm 25% ratio lengths per box. In contrast, standard commercial flooring uses boards that are 95mm to 175mm in width and 350mm to 1,600mm in lengths usually in randomly paired length in each box. That means a wide plank floor has a fraction of the seams of a commercial floor, creating a more harmonious and less busy look. A wide plank floor also allows the grain patterns in the wood to be more present and visible, enabling the personality of the hardwood to show through. 

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What are the benefits of engineered White Oak wood flooring?

An engineered floor is typically installed in rooms that are below ground level or in environments that typically experience slightly higher levels of relative humidity. Engineered flooring is ideal for minimizing expansion and contraction through a relatively moderate range of relative humidity, 30-55%

Why choose Elysium Oak hardwood flooring over other options?

Most customers choose Elysium Oak because they want:

• A wood that is extremely versatile and can work with a variety of interior design schemes.
• A highly durable floor that will withstand traffic and denting easily.
• A hardwood that comes in a variety of grades and can be easily customized.

Elysium Oak is the #1 source for White Oak hardwood flooring.

The Elysium Oak LTD Brand has been at the forefront of hardwood flooring since 1966. Today, Elysium Oak LTD is the leader in creating custom wide plank flooring for residences and businesses worldwide. The reason for our success: extraordinary quality. Every piece of White Oak hardwood flooring is handcrafted by our artisan experts with unmatched pride, passion and purpose. Our goal is nothing less than a masterpiece – a truly stunning floor that expresses your sense of style and beauty, and that will charm you anew every time you walk through the door. From your first contact with our customer service team through your conversations with our design consultants and to delivery and installation of your floor, we are committed to providing unparalleled service and an exceptional customer experience. We promise that creating your one-of-a-kind White Oak hardwood flooring with Elysium Oak LTD will be a true pleasure.


The Elysium Oak Specialty Range

Using the finest reactive pre-treatment finishing techniques to give new wood an aged classical rustic appearance. The unique formulation creates a look of unique character across the surface with the highest grade heavy duty protective Hard-Wax satin coating finish. Allowing unlimited creative and aesthetic possibilities a truly authentic European design.

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