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The Hardwax Magic collection is a modified parquet oiled collection with excellent wear resistance. Natural colour, and excellent chemical and mechanical resistance. Comes in a traditional matt sheen and is available in satin sheen as well, this range is protected with an extra durable Titan Hard-wax protective treatment ensuring the wooden flooring is long lasting but keeping a traditional colour and style 


The result is a natural luxurious look and effect.

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  • FSC Certified White Oak | Attested in Austria, Europe

  • VOC Ready 2010

  • ECO Friendly Finishes 

  • Slip Classification Rating : R10 DIN 51130

  • Toy Safe: EN71-3

  • ​French legislation For Emissions : A+

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This Elysium Oak board is a unique oiled Hardwaxed floor for a fresh environment, clean and pared-down feel. This Elysium Oak board is an exclusive 1-strip engineered floor which means that the surface layer is of each board is made from a single piece of oak.This is a Hardwax Oil Pigmented product with natural colour variation, but has a naturally lively pattern in its grain.

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Difference in fitting time This is something that should definitely be taken into account before purchasing your floor. Random length floors are generally cheaper to purchase per square metre. However they will take much longer to fit in comparison to a Elysium Oak Specification Ratio set length boards. This should be taken into account when budgeting as longer fitting time could mean higher fitting costs. It’s also worth considering if you are working to a tight deadline or budget. Amount of wastage Some people will claim that you get less wastage with shorter / random length boards but this is not the case. With a long boarded floor, when you start laying it and get to the end of a row you would usually start the next row with that off cut. It also helps that with our long boards you get 4 cut boards in the box which helps you naturally stagger the end joints and prevent patterns from occurring. Often when fitting, the only cut you should have to make is when you lay the final boards up to the wall.