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Luxury Parquetry 

Geometric Parquetry Designer Flooring

geometric pattern dating back to Roman times, creating a three-dimensional effect, often seen in renaissance mosaic floors and fine inlay.  This design offers a bold flooring choice, available in many colours and textures and two sizes.

Luxury parquet | Impressions

Elysium Oak Mansion-Weave
mosaic parquet Elysium Oak Design

Parquet – oiled, waxed, limed or leached

In addition to our untreated floorboards, we also offer a wide range of colour treatments. To protect the surface treatments, only water-based products and natural oils and waxes are used. If you don’t have the right one for your taste, don’t be afraid to contact us, together with you we will find your individual colour.

oiled parquet – natural oiled parquet – various reaction-surfaces – waxed parquet –

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