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Hardwood floors designed for the most discerning environments, each collection offers a distinct range of handcrafted wide-plank hardwood flooring built to the highest standards and finished with exclusive European texturing and colouring techniques.



The original Versailles pattern consists of a square panel with a diagonal basket-weave pattern inside it. The pattern got its name from the Versailles Palace, where it was first installed in the majestic mirror room, the epitome of French grandeur and luxury. 

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Engineered Wood


Wood floors keep your feet cosy and warm on cool days and comfortably cool on warm days, thanks to the natural, cellular structure of wood. In our wood floor guide we give you the opportunity to test our wood floors in a wide variety of interiors


Parquet Flooring

What comes to your mind when you think of patterned flooring? Perhaps grand buildings or manor houses in Europe. Undoubtedly, pattern flooring has traditionally been a popular flooring solution in many, but not only, European countries for decades.